EP1 – Mics are hot, let’s roll!

Frank and Ali kick off this new and exciting project. Recorded during a recent trip to the desert of Calico, California. Rigged for Dirt takes the approach of recording episodes during an adventure to better document the experience, the conversations, and the events.

In this first episode we get some of the necessary introductions out of the way and discuss how we got into this great adventure hobby, made some new friends and went about building our rigs.

Alis tells the crazy story of how he and his family went through the ordeal of being stranded on a standard family outing that turned into much more. Frank goes over his elusive chase for a good nights rest how it’s now within reach, important for anyone. We briefly touch on some land use topics and cleanup effort that recently took place.

Th episode is capped with what’s next for Rigged for Dirt and some atmosphere from the desert weekend chiming in occasionally. All makes for some good fun, we hope you enjoy this new project, and more importantly this new adventure!

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