EP3 – Castle and ROAMR’s Fab Life

This episode we sit with good friends and partners in our build plans, Castle Fab. and ROAMR. Castle Fab’s John was instrumental in the build of Kate the Jeep, Ali’s project and plans begin for Trucky the Trail Turtle, Frank’s FJ Cruiser. We also chat with ROAMR and how they got their start and the relationship they have with Castle Fab. as well.

We dive into how Ali and Tony from ROAMR came to be friends, eventually leading to meeting John at Castle Fab that would end with a Jeep going to SEMA. We discuss ROAMR’s mission and history and all the cool stuff they’re doing in the outdoor world with their creations.

John from Castle Fab takes us into the relationship with ROAMR, the work he’s done and some behind the scenes on some of the projects they’ve worked on together. We also get into John’s history in off-road racing, mechanic work and eventually in to fabricating.

It’s pretty awesome to see the role community has played in all these stories and the amazing results that have come of it. We may not be around a campfire for this episode, but we found a nice dry spot out of the rain and cold weather to huddle around and talk about our passion for rigs and dirt. We hope you enjoy Episode 3, Castle and ROAMR’s Fab Life.

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