EP5 – Kondo Your Rig Bro!

Why do we Overland?  To get out into the world and spend time with ourselves, family and close friends. We head out to Joshua Tree with Lost Sasquatch and Roaming Lost for their Joshua Tree cleanup.  With two 40 foot containers, plenty of hard work and stories to share we come together at night with Eric from @American_Overland to talk about his own journey in the outdoors and love of Overlanding.  From his experience in hiking the Appalachian trail for 150 days to an amazingly well-built rig, Eric breaks down his growth into the industry with well thought out and experience-driven reasoning. Somewhere along the way we coin the phrase “Kondo” and discuss a fellow Overlander, Mike Glover, and his podcast, Field Craft Survival, and the question of “how much is too much?” with our rigs. We end the night with insight into the thought process on some key parts of Eric’s build and maybe a new concept for how to roll out with the squad on the next adventure.

This episode was recorded during the big Joshua Tree Clean-up hosted by Kingston (IG: @roaminglost) and Jordan (IG: @lost.sasquatch). A fantastic event that drew over 200 amazing and hardworking members of the overland community. We were stoked to be a part of it! Frank (IG: @Trucky_McTruckface) and John (IG: @Socal_Overland) contributed to the event making it truly a community effort!

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