EP7 – Wedding Bells

In episode 7, we venture out to Long Beach to attend the Formula Drift event. A long-standing, loud, smoke creating tradition for Long Beach. As overlanders, we were out of our element but as horsepower enthusiasts we are good-to-go! You can’t smell the burnt rubber but you can definitely hear the roar of these 1,000+ HP machines. Somehow Ali manages to get reprimanded!

We get into much more than drift on this podcast. We celebrate our good Friends wedding, Matt and Beth in Yosemite and talk about all the fun and shenanigans there. Turns out someone didn’t know someone was coming…
We get into some history behind why we have the vanity plates on our rigs, and Frank gets psychoanalyzed too!

All this and we’re only scratching the surface of this episode of Rigged for Dirt! We hope you enjoy episode 7.

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