EP8 – On The Road to Moab

The road to Moab! What an adventure. We asked our listeners for feedback, and one suggestion stood out. Record an episode on the road! You got it! We decided an 11.5-hour drive to Moab Utah for the 2019 Easter Jeep safari was our best bet! Episode 8, we’re cruising through Utah in Kate.

We decided to get some miles behind us before we began recording, you know, get settled in and maybe something interesting would happen. Nothing super interesting happened, which I think on an 11.5-hour drive is a good thing? What did happen, which is what usually does, is the conversation got deep and rode a fine line we vowed never to cross. Yeah, we came pretty close to the “P” word… politics. We discuss American creativity, dreaming big, and what the heck happened to all that? It got heated but I think we hit on something that we hope resonates.

We also talked about rig upgrades and how to handle that big question, mainly how Frank is going to handle it as he has big news regarding “Trucky” and some next steps in Trucky’s evolution. Yup, Trucky will be stock no more. But just what will happen? listen and find out!

We also talk Easter Jeep Safari, the drama in just deciding to go, and of course what we’re expecting when we get there. On some things, we were spot on. On others, oh so wrong. Enjoy! Episode 8 is a fun one!

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