EP9 – Living On The Edge In Moab pt1

Welcome to Episode 9! Hard to believe we’re already 9 episodes in, and the adventures just keep getting bigger. In this episode, we begin from the end. After two days in Moab and fresh off an epic run with @iamroamr and @castlefab we are hyped! And after a long day of driving and taking in epic scenery, it’s tough to even get back to the beginning, day 1 in Moab. This is where we ended, the top of Shaffer Road. And this is where this episode begins.

The famous switchbacks of Shaffer Road.

First off, you need to listen to the episode to appreciate how excited Frank was to find out we were doing Shaffer Road. It was pretty funny and intense for him. Once we get that dialed we recap our arrival, some tips on booking your stay in Moab, especially for Easter Jeep Safari, and then, of course, Frank morphs in Marco again because Brad (@TrailRecon) is nearby. The crazy part, SO IS MARCO (@ovrlndx)! It gets pretty funny from there. All this began at a meet-up in downtown Moab for Jeeps of Instagram. Here are some shots from the first night.

The next morning we’re up early to hit the Warn Industries trail run. More craziness and also we get our first taste of what it’s like to bring an overland rig to Easter Jeep Safari. We were definitely welcomed, but we also confused some people! That run was pretty awesome as it was Ali’s first dive into technical driving in his jeep. Had it not been for our group getting split up, it would not have happened but we’re stoked it did! We wrapped up the event with a winching class from Warn.

From there we roll right into a run by Yukon Gear & Axle. And boy did we jump into the deep end real fast!

It all started off pretty easy, meandering through nice trails and epic scenery. We had been warned about the gate keepers in this trail, as you’ll hear in this episode. It’s a good thing we enjoyed the easy sections, the temp in the kitchen ramped up pretty quick just a few miles in.

Huge thanks to Dusty Sexton of Sexton Off-Road for his expert spotting, his expert trail choices, and his amazing crew. From here it was an easy run to the dinner area where we were spoiled rotten with an epic dinner. Tune in to Part 2, where we found out the deep end…. gets a heck of a lot deeper!

See in Episode 10!

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