EP10 – Living On The Edge In Moab pt2

We pick up right where we left off on Episode 9, fed and charging into the night with Dusty Sexton and crew.

As we headed out on the trail, the smooth road was even shorter than the first time the run began. We were straight into the fire with this one. Ali almost didn’t go, but after some convincing, we loaded up and drove off. We weaved slowly through a tight wash canyon and soon enough, traffic slowed to a crawl. We both knew we had arrived at our first taste of these ramped up obstacles–a real gatekeeper.

One by one we were guided and coached up the obstacle. More than a couple made use of the winch vehicle set up at the top to help keep the pace, as this was just the first test of the evening.

To find out how this ends you’ll need to catch up on episode 10. We, of course, made it, but wow what an experience. The next two were ones for the books! We aired up and made our way back to our hotel late in the evening.

The next day we rose early, planning to make a stop in town and get some work done, process some images, send some emails and begin the 11 hour trek home by noon. That didn’t happen.

Do you blame us? Once we heard about the trail from the guys at @IamROAMR, it was tough to not stick with our response that had become more of an anthem for the weekend, F*** It. So we marched on to what we thought would be a couple of hours. Some shots from our adventure on Potash Road to Shafer Road.

We took some shots at the edge of this horseshoe on the Colorado river. We had some “lunch” and took off to wrap it up, in theory.

Once we hit Shaffer road things took a twist, we finished strong but not without one more story to add to the adventure!

Be sure to check out our Instagram, @RiggedforDirt, to see more of this green machine. Frank got some great detail shots of it. We hope you enjoy episode 10, it was an incredible experience and a heck of a way to wrap up Moab!

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