EP11 – Overland Expo Crunch

We kick off this episode from Overland Expo West right after 4 days of travel from Southern California to Williams, Arizona. There was a lot of anxiety and stress leading up to this trip, at least for one member of the RFD team. Frank was wrapping up the upgrades on Trucky and, well, things weren’t going to plan. Luckily he had the strong team at Rebel Offroad behind him and some last minute support from the folks at America’s Tires.

Ali and the rest of the KC Hilites team headed out Monday to get started on the adventure to Overland Expo! They headed out to Anza Borrego to start out the trip, taking in the scenery and meandering through desert canyons, and taking in the sights this awesome park has to offer.

Frank got to catch up with the crew on Tuesday as they headed out Anza Borrego and towards the second leg, the Bradshaw Trail. This is a fun little stretch that goes between the Salton Sea and the Colorado River bordering Arizona.

Day one of the Bradshaw trail was an eventful one. You’ll need to listen to the episode for all the details. We can tell you that once again the desert terrain claimed some parts as is often the case. But we made it to camp and all the rigs were ready to continue on.

Camp on the Bradshaw Trail
Doing a little scorpion hunting around camp

On the third day, the team finished off the last bit of the Bradshaw trail and was off to Williams, AZ for a night at Dogtown Lake and the KC Tail Gate Party!

From there we headed to Overland Expo and the craziness begins! Catch all the details in Episode 11 of Rigged for Dirt! Ask some questions, drop us a comment, or head on over to @RiggedforDirt on Instagram!

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