EP12 – Rhino Rack

We wrap up our time at Overland Expo west in Episode 12. We sit down with Richard Cropley, owner, and founder of Rhino Rack. The team had a great conversation about how Richard got into the rack business and how that business grew in Australia. Bringing Rhino Rack to the American market had its own set of challenges, least of which was timing. This is a great story about a company that develops products for our adventures and really puts faces behind what most of us know as a rack brand.

We didn’t just have a good chat with Richard though. We then get to sit down with Tony Leix, head of US operations. Tony walks us through what the US market means to Rhino Rack, what they’ve learned and where they’re going. We also talk about Tony’s history in the business that goes back further than you might think!

We had an awesome time with the folks at Rhino Rack, and even got to clarify some of the difference between overlanding in the US vs Australia, like giant punching rabbits and tree bears. You’ll have to listen to the episode though! Enjoy!

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