EP13: OC Overland, Truckflix and Chill

Episode 13! We’re officially on our way to the second half of our first year. We did something a little different and stayed in our home turf since we were on a bit of an Overland Expo hangover. Luckily, our friends at OC Overland had us taken care of with something to do close to home. And true to their tradition, it was for a good cause!

The rest of the episode we recap some of the craziness of Overland Expo that we didn’t have time for in the last episodes, plus some of the craziness that happened after we recorded those and were on our way home! It’s another epic adventure for Rigged for Dirt. We hope you enjoy Episode 13!

OC Overland does events all over OC and LA counties, and almost all of them are attached to supporting a cause. This one was a canned food drive event for the needy named “Truckflix and Chill” at Cabe Toyota in Long Beach. Per usual the OC Overland crew pulled a huge crowd and brought in literal tons of canned food. The rigs are always impressive as they trade their weekend dirt for some polish and tire shine.

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