EP15: KC And The Matrix

This episode was recorded in Big Bear, CA during a recent trip with our friends at Weekend Off-Road. This was a pretty mellow family trip. RFD had the pleasure of spending some time with the CEO of KC, Alan Wang.

For this episode, we found ourselves at a nice quiet yellow-post site tucked away in a part of Big Bear neither of the RFD team had ever been. It was a very spacious site near a meadow and surrounded by pines.

The group rallied just before hitting Highway 38. We got some fuel and made final plans to roll up the highway to the trailhead where we would air down and make our way up to camp. The drive up was smooth, on a very well-maintained fire road. While it was not a technical road, it made up for it in stunning views.

The beautiful clear summer day showed off Big Bear’s mountains and valleys perfectly. Around some of the bends, we’d catch the occasional glimpse of civilization off in the distance below us. As we gained elevation and drove deeper into the mountain range, the city we were leaving behind began to fade into the distant haze. Our new weekend home began to come into focus.

Once into camp, everyone settled in. We set up camp, and the site began to take the shape of a small community. The kids quickly made friends and before long, the adults were fighting for attention from the kids as they made sure they had sunscreen and water. All signs of a good day ahead. We all took some time to relax and get to know each other and soon after (this time before dark), the RFD team sat down with Alan and recorded the episode.

Photo by Alan Wang

Credit to Weekend Off-Road, they had planned this to be a pot-luck dinner and, wow, did the dishes not disappoint.

To be honest, some of the rigs did not disappoint either. Here’s a shot of Alan’s 4Runner sitting pretty in the late afternoon glow.

Not to be outdone by some of the others, of course! And although dinner was amazing, we were too distracted by the food to actually get any shots of it. But Nick from Peak Suspension brought out the smoker and some beef brisket. Need we say more?

As the night rolled in, we gathered around a campfire, and as Ali says, “told lies with friends” while others practiced their night photography.

The next morning we all rose to the incredible smell of freshly brewed coffee thanks to our friends at Ground Pounder Coffee. We all said our good-byes, grateful for the weekend in the mountains with good people and friends old and new.

We then made our way down the mountain and back to reality.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Rigged for Dirt. We had an awesome time with Alan talking all things from leadership to family life and personal growth. Enjoy, get out and explore!

Photo by Alan Wang

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