EP18: KC Summer Camp w/Brad and Marco

We kick off this episode on the final night of KC and 5.11’s Summer Camp in Williams, AZ. In this episode in addition to all the excitement and action of Summer Camp, we have the pleasure to finally get to sit down with Brad (@TrailRecon) and Marco (@ovrlndX)!

It’s been a long time coming being able to sit down with these two. We cover everything from the origins of TrailRecon to Marco’s new cookbook! To say these guys are some of the nicest people in the overland community is an understatement. Don’t forget that Marco’s cookbook is now AVAILABLE and can be ordered on his website, ovrlndx.com

Frank and Marco, you can guess which is which

We also talk a little about the fishing we did, the adventures we had at Summer and what’s to come. It’s one thing for us to talk about all this fun, but what’s the point? Well, listen and find out. We have big plans for this event and they could include you!

Josh with his catch of the weekend

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