EP19: Oh That One Name…

Oh that one guy, oh hey that dude, Oh that one dude bro guy…there are many words that make up the man known as Adam Pfieffer and we get a chance to catch up with him at this year’s KMC Jeep Bash put on by EVO Manufacturing and Jeep. From details about his awesome extended wheelbase Jeep JKU known as “TITAN” to his disdain for rims larger than 18″ all the way to how the hell you actually spell his Instagram handle, all that and more are covered in this episode of Rigged For Dirt (cue sound effects).

Photo Credit: @coalburnt

Adam is one of those reluctant influencers who just kinda got thrown into the mix of social stardom with his badass extended wheelbase ORI shock equipped JKU. Sporting Gen Right everything, Adam’s Jeep is always uncovered come rain or shine and though not much of an “Overlander” the dude is always in the rocks of the greater Tahoe area. Coupled with like a hundred undercarriage Cyclone lights, his Jeep is something to really see at night…actually you can’t miss it…like even if you were a mile out…almost obnoxious really, but what else are you going to do when your biggest sponsor is a lighting company?

Photo Credit: @coalburnt (all 4)

All joking aside there are a few people as near and dear as Adam and it was a great opportunity to crack open a White Claw (joking not joking) and get a little into the rocks of his life with him.

Photo Credit: @coalburnt

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