EP21: ROB LIVES, the end.

When you first meet Rob, you find a person who’s reserved and stands back from the crowd. After a little while, you realize he’s just waiting to see how much of what he wants to say you can handle. A man with a mysterious past, Rob couldn’t tell you himself what his life was a few decades ago because, well, he can’t remember.  

One near-miss with death and a memory wiped clean, this new Rob 2.0 is now known for his love of all things wild which is fitting since he’s the founder of Venture the Wild which is his repository for all his Jeep based adventures. 

We’ve been out in the wild with him and it’s always been a great time. As for his life?  It’s an unbelievable story that leaves you with more questions than answers. We’ll let you decide on what Rob was before the accident. 

Listen with us as we wrap up our time at the EVO Manufacturing 2019 KMC Jeep Bash with Rob and discuss everything from bathrooms to getting out there and overcoming the odds. 

Follow him on insta at @vtwrob

Or check out venturethewild.com 

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