In this episode, we sit with Jason Denney co-conspirator behind RIGd Supply at one of our local haunts, Maple Springs Trail. We crack open a couple and have a nice sit down with Jason who’s also known as “TacoDust” on Instagram (we talk about what that means too).

While swatting off swarms of bugs and taking in the epic surroundings around us, we talk to Jason about growing up with nothing to parlaying that into a life full of epic experiences ranging from mountain biking, social media influencing, nurturing friendships, offroading, getting engaged and co-founding a successful business with his partner Luke Wronksi at RIGd Supply.

The best episodes are the ones where we get past the walls and break it down for real and we love this one. A straight up dude who talks what he walks, we’re better for the time spent. And get ready, this one’s a long one and even at 1:32 it’s way too fast for how interesting this guy is. Enjoy! We did.

Thanks to Jason for spending the evening with us, Frank for snapping some great shots and you for being our ever faithful constant listener.

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