We finish up our cast from the Mojave Road with a long-overdue sit down with our good friend, Matt Schulz. Matt, a longtime member of the Rigged For Dirt OC crew was one of the original members of the meetup when it was called OC Rigs and Coffee.

A crane mechanic out of the port of Los Angeles, Matt helps keep the goods coming into one of the larger ports of America by wrenching on the massive cranes that load and offload the cargo off of container ships, So it’s no wonder he’s also our go-to when it comes for weekends wrenching on the rigs.

A couple of Matt’s weekly sunrises from work.

Owner of a Jeep JKU himself, Matt has joined us on trips ranging from wheeling in Calico, Joshua Tree cleanups to this most recent Mojave Trip. We’re always lucky when we get to spend a weekend with Matt and hope you enjoy a little insight into not only a piece of the inner workings of the system we all live in but a solid individual sharing some drunken camp banter with us.

And there is a lot of drunken banter so prepare yourself for some serious tangents…but hey, this is RFD, kinda how we roll.

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