EP26: Murphy’s Law

On the trail it’s well known that if it can go wrong, it probably will, it’s Murphy’s Law. Our recent trip up to Death Valley with Deadman Offroad was no exception and as a matter of fact, it seemed Murphy had something to prove. On the heels of our Mojave trip where Frank lost his trailer traversing Soda “Dry” Lake and the recovery that ensued, we had something like 8 unique things go wrong on individual rigs as we travelled across Death Valley.

Another reason to always have “that one guy” with you like our buddy, Francis, who’s Overlander by the weekend and Porsche tech by weekday. Like an overbearing mother who sees no wrongs in the choices of their child he enabled and facilitated the entire group to keep adventuring on pushing ever further into the backcountry. In part 1 of 2 in this amazing National Park, we pull up a table on the side of the road as we watch the team reassemble the hub on a Sequoia.

All that and more on today’s episode of Rigged For Dirt. Huge thanks to Deadman Offroad for the invite! www.deadmanoffroad.com

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